Instagram Influencers: Top Reasons Why Big Brands Love Working with Influencers

Reasons Why Big Brands Love Working with Influencers

Who do you follow on Instagram? Family? Friends? Strangers? Chances are that if you’re on the social media platform, you answered yes to all three. While the age of the internet has certainly elevated how we talk with one another, Instagram is unique in how it’s opened the floor to follow along with the lives of strangers. Without context, this might sound a little farfetched but In reality, these strangers are called influencers and are doing just that: influencing how we live our lives by displaying how they live theirs.

As someone who’s work evolves around direct-response marketing, I understand the importance of attracting an audience through unique methods. While influencers are a new subset of the marketing realm, they’ve truly set the bar higher than it’s ever been before when it comes to client partnerships. What is it about Instagram influencers? Here are my top reasons why big brands love working with influencers.

RealisticThe thing about seeing an ad in a magazine or a commercial on television is that it can be difficult for a consumer to see themselves in that ad. That same mindset makes it difficult for consumers to see themselves purchasing the product being advertised. When you’re collaborating with an influencer, you’re putting your brand in the hands of someone who can utilize that product in a way that is more realistic to the consumer. For example, if a model with an unrealistic body type is wearing a dress, a consumer could easily decide that it wouldn’t look good on them. However, if they see someone that looks similar to them wearing it on a date, that product becomes more desirable through relatability.

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Let’s face it, no matter how good your brand’s marketing strategy is, coming up with multiple great ideas is difficult and time consuming. One of the most effective ways to market any brand is by using instagram influencers. This type of instagram ad strategy is proven to be more successful vs hiring top models and doing traditional commercials or magazine features. When you place your product in the hands of an influencer, you are allowing them certain liberties to create a unique marketing strategy for your product based on the knowledge that they have for your brand, their audience, and where the two overlap. This allows a unique point of view that allows your product to get in front of the right audiences with a customized strategy based on the influencer’s audience.


When someone follows an influencer on Instagram, it’s because they respect them for one reason or another and are likely to be inspired by them. Whether it’s to read a book, buy a shirt, or even go on a vacation, influencers are leading lives that their audience often wants to replicate in one way or another, on small and large scales. By partnering with an influencer, you’re putting your product in front of an audience’s eyes that have already been targeted by that individual and making it a more effective collaboration.


In today’s world of influence, brand collaborations are a common and powerful tool. With influencer’s proven methods rooted in being realistic, unique, and targeted, they’re more popular than ever and show no sign of slowing down. It’s time to utilize this momentum and team up with a team of influencers for your brand now!