Is It a Good Idea to Start a Digital Agency in 2020?

Is It a Good Idea to Start a Digital Agency in 2020?

There’s no denying that 2020 has certainly thrown a few curve balls our way. From the pandemic to everything that stemmed from the many changes Covid-19 created, many of us have been on a state of flux as we change how we work, how we play, and – all around – how we live in a remote world.

While many have had to adapt to a new environment, it has been especially difficult for many business owners trying to keep their goals afloat. While this uncertainty causes many with plans to begin a business wondering if it’s the right route to take, it might actually be a surprisingly good time to attack those dreams of starting a business venture.

I know that beginning a business can be frightening, but people do so successfully every day. In fact, my brand, Nimrod Santo, is still thriving despite the pandemic.

That’s how I know first-hand that the difference between success and failure comes down to strategy and determination. Are you thinking of starting a remote business? The question is: is it a good idea to start a digital agency in 2020?


If you’re in the digital marketing field, you have probably experience excitement and fear equally as the world turned to a more remote environment. For obvious reasons, many turning to the remote workplace is a dream for many digital marketing professionals or anyone hoping to make their living online.

What’s the downside you might ask? Well, with everyone taking to the digital sphere, it can be more difficult to break through the noise. While the traffic of the world wide web has become heavier, it has also required digital agencies to work harder to stand out in the crowd.
With my business, that has simply meant honing in on my strategy and creativity to ensure that I’m working to be better, daily.

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Strategy & Innovation

For any digital agency that has had smooth sailing by strategy alone, this is the time to focus on being more innovative. In fact, any agency that might be heavy on strategy and light on creativity might have already noticed that they’ll need to be more innovative to be successful in the new environment.

We know that understanding your audience is important but the cut and clear ways to do things are no longer interesting to many audiences. It’s vital that you and your team take this and refocus your launch and make sure that you have the right amount of innovation to find and keep a growing audience.

On the same hand, it’s important that you understand how to be successful on pen and paper. Once you have a brand voice that you feel comfortable with, ensure that you know when, where, and how to reach out to see success with your agency’s campaigns.


When you begin a digital agency, it’s important that you are ready to sustain your success. That’s because it’s all about communication.

When you start a digital agency, you need to ensure that you are ready to sustain the communications and relationships that you’ve built for your clients. This may be more overwhelming, if successful, due to everyone being online. However, if you’re ready to handle the best case scenario, you are ready for anything! 

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