LinkedIn Marketing 101 For Small Businesses: Are LinkedIn Ads Worth the Money

Are linkedIn ads worth it?

Do you utilize social media for your business? How about for yourself as a professional or entrepreneur? The answer should be a resounding, “yes”! Through the power of the world wide web, we have gained access to people from around the world in the palm of our hands.

While we often associate social media and the ability to connect with others as a part of our personal lives, this same technology can be one of the greatest tools in your brand’s marketing kit. One of the most popular social media tools for businesses and professionals? LinkedIn!

As a direct-response marketer, I know that understanding your consumer is everything. As an expert in direct-response marketing, I am able to connect with an audience to gauge their reaction to your product, service, or offering. But are LinkedIn ads worth the money?

Find Your Audience

Are you looking for a topnotch candidate for that hard to fill position or a new base of donors for your nonprofit organization? While reaching out to potential clients on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook can be beneficial to your mission.

LinkedIn is specifically built so that you can display your business in an arena where you don’t have to break through the fray of other social postings. LinkedIn has created a unique environment that is specific to what you are selling – your brand! This is what makes it a great platform to invest in if you’re looking to put your hard earned money into social media advertisements.

Spread Your Mission

Is your company doing something wonderful? Chances are you said yes and should be sharing your success (and if you didn’t – what’s holding you up?). While digital media has truly increased your ability to market your company to a global audience, it’s important to use that in the right ways.

LinkedIn offers the ability to highlight what you’re doing to your audience or potential audience members. This is a great way to highlight what you’re doing or even receive feedback through direct-response marketing efforts.

Expand Your Network

Are you looking to find a new audience or clients? LinkedIn is specifically built for professionals hoping to connect with other professionals. If you have something wonderful happening within your organization, then you should share it as far and wide as you can.

Purchasing LinkedIn ads ensures that your content is being placed in front of the right eyes and helping you to expand your network.

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