4 Content Marketing Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

4 Content Marketing Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

Content marketing has become the rave. Companies, entrepreneurs, and online marketers now understand that to make money, one needs a lot of content—and relevant ones too.

Even leviathan companies like Apple leverage on content to gain more authority and drive traffic. Think about the most prominent brands out there: Nike, Adidas, YouTube, Zoom and Skype.

When you visit the websites of these big brands, there’s always a ‘Posts’ page on the website menus. A ‘posts’ page is a page dedicated to blogposts content.

With many content, and so many brands targeting visitors and potential buyers, there are already established rules. But can some of these rules be broken? Of course, they can be!

In this piece, I will teach you 4 content marketing rules that are meant to be broken.

Make it SEO Optimized.

SEO has become the most popular term in content development. Everywhere, everyone wants to optimize their website.

It’s understandable—without SEO, you may find it challenging to optimize your content for fresh visitors; however, SEO, if used indiscriminately, will make your content robotic and stiff.

And we all know sites that litter their posts with so many keywords makes reading unpalatable. SEO is great—of course; however, there are times you should focus on writing engaging, fun, and attractive content.

Don’t Make it a Sales Pitch

Every three seconds, an ad gets across to you. Every brand, every company, and everyone wants a piece of your income.

So, don’t be like them; do not advertise, right? Wrong.

There are times you should advertise. There are times you should become so aggressive and unbelievably loud with your advert.

If you have all the traffic in the world; yet you do not convert your visitors into buyers, your traffic is wasted. Sell, brother sell! There is nothing wrong with a well-placed sales pitch here and there. The big boys are always selling, why should you not?

Sometimes, I tell my students that they should always think of the online world in terms of on-ground marketing. Let’s say you rent a property and set up a restaurant, will you not sell food to the first person that walks into your restaurant? Of course, you will.

You will not wait until you have a thousand people walking in and out. Your website is your restaurant, and if possible, you must turn every visitor into potential buyers.

Connect All Your Social Media Platforms

This one is hilarious. Except you are used to social media, attempting to have a presence in every social media platform is a complete waste of time.

I know people who do not have up to a hundred followers on Instagram; yet, their Quora answers get at least a million views per month. I know people who have a strong presence on Medium but weak on Twitter, while some people are most suited for Instagram. So, yes, connect your social media platform, however, start with what suits you the most.

Make it Relevant to Your Company.

Should everything be about you? No! Sometimes, you should make content just for fun.

If your posts and videos always link to your landing page, you may tire out your audience. There are times you should produce informative content, but then, subtly pass a message about your brand to your audience.

Content marketing is excellent and can lead to unprecedented sales; however, as you grow, you should try out new things. If you find one that works for you, use it and stick to it.

However, do not become a dinosaur: change is constant in the digital world and what works today may become irrelevant tomorrow.

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