FB Marketing: 4 Situations Where Pausing Ad Campaigns Is The Right Move

FB Marketing: 4 Situations Where Pausing Ad Campaigns Is The Right Move

It should be easy to point out that Facebook ads neither convert like ad words nor behave like AdWords. But every day, you see ads targeted at people—who will never convert because sellers are too lazy to understand the differences.

According to Statista, 98.5% of Facebook revenue was gotten from ads. It’s a whooping 75 billion dollars profit; yet, It’s left to be seen if most advertisers got their penny’s worth. Facebook ads are dynamic—constantly changing.

An ad can be doing great this moment, and the next three days, it will be worse than a Rotten Tomato’s Artemis Fowl Review.Are there times where pausing your ad campaign is the right move? Of course, there are.

I am a successful online entrepreneur and direct response marketer; yet, there are times I pause my ad campaign, take a step back, research, and make tweaks to my designs, CTA positions, image-words, target-audience, keywords, and more.

The best Facebook campaigners understand one basic principle: you cannot get lucky with ads. It’s almost always a deliberate process. So, here are four situations where pausing your Ad Campaigns may be the right move.

Time-Zone Differences

If you run an international business, your international clients—and potential will have a different time-zone. Let’s take a CTA with four different form-fields to fill: it’s stressful enough that people have to fill multiple-fields in a form; it is annoying when they have to do it at night.

Except your form is highly-targeted at people who love your brand—or message, it’s better to pause your campaign when your primary audiences are tired, drowsy, or asleep. If you keep running a Facebook ad that will not lead to optimum conversions, you will be paying for CPC (Cost Per Clicks) with flat yields.

Low ROI (Return on Investment)

When most people think about Facebook ads, they want a channel to get sales worth $1,000 for every dollar invested. It’s a reasonable expectation—except Facebook ads do not work like that—nor do most other types of ads.

In marketing, you must understand your sales funnel and how you can convert prospects into buyers. If you do not know what a sales funnel is, you should pause your campaign and learn the basics of digital marketing and Facebook ads.

By the way, there are times you may purchase a service or a product immediately; however, these are exceptions, not the rule.

A sales funnel comprises four stages:

  • Awareness: This is the first time a prospect will come across your brand or company.
  • Interest: A prospect shows that he/she wants to know more about what you offer. A prospect that clicks a CTA link on your Facebook ad shows interest.
  • Decision: A prospect decides if your service or product offers solutions to his/her issue.
  • Action: A prospect purchases your product or orders for your service.

Each stage in the sales funnel is essential. Crafting a poorly scripted ad alongside a dull image and adding a ‘Buy Now’ button will never get you sales. Even if your ad is well-scripted, asking prospects to buy now might be the reason they are not buying.

Make some sales tweaks. Instead of a thorough sales pitch, why not let your prospects get to know you and trust you? A free ebook, an informational post, or a free consultation can make a prospect trust you more and buy your products. It’s not always about the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Facebook Ad Frequency

Your ad frequency is clearly revealed in your ad manager panel, and it shows the number of times your ad is seen by a unique user. The higher your ad frequency, the higher your CPA (Cost Per Ad). If your ad is shown to a unique user over and over again without conversion, you may be targeting the wrong audience.

The trick to a successful Facebook ad campaign is to keep your ad frequency high enough (4 times) to influence conversion and low enough (1.8) for visibility. If your ads keep getting viewed by the audience without any real conversion, pause your ad campaign.

Make Tweaks to Your Ad Layout

Your ad layout is an essential factor in a Facebook ad campaign. The image you use, your CTA location, the words, and more will determine if you need to change your CTA entirely or make small tweaks. Even if a specific ad becomes a best-seller, it will eventually flatten out—yes, best-performing ads also flatten out after some time.

When Facebook Campaigns are done right, you get a decent or a high conversion, and those leads can be nurtured until you have repeat clients. To achieve a successful Facebook ad campaign, you must consider all factors in the post and make thought-out tweaks that will yield better results and a high return on investments.

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