Parler: The Social Network You Probably Never Considered Utilizing

Parler - Free Speech App Review

With over 1million downloads from Google Playstore, Parler, a non-censored, non-biased, free speech social media platform, might just be the game-changer. In a world where the biggest social-sharing platform can—without notification or any form of communication, delete your post, or worse, permanently suspend your account altogether, Parler’s zero-level interference in community comments, posts, and comment replies, is a fresh breath of freedom and a marketing goldmine.

Let’s dive in a little bit

So, I Can Say Anything on Parler?

Technically, yes—but a few people—only an inconsiderable percentage of users, have complained about Parler’s community guidelines and the fact that they may eventually have to censor what is said and what is not. However, Parler can never get even a quarter of the kind of censorship that thrives on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, Hate Speech is Allowed? 

Again, yes—take all the anger built up on Twitter and rant them out on Parler. There are certainly no holdbacks.

In Parler, you can say anything to anyone without fear of being censored, shamed, or banned. The social commenting platform is undoubtedly a wild wild west movie, becoming popular every minute.

Is the Social Media Platform Good for Kids?

Absolutely not— children should be disallowed from using such social media platform. It’s a beehive for the very worst political and social commentators.

Do People Hate the Platform?

Absolutely not. People love some form of freedom—a free for all community of hard-metal social and political commentators who can say anything and get away with it because the platform allows them to.

However, it’s not always an ugly birthday party scene as a few dissidents would make you feel. There are lovely there, and the social platform promotes intelligent tackling of issues and intellectual arguments.

Parler is an untapped goldmine. A few leaders in X-rated movies, lingerie, and car retail industries are already maximizing the opportunity to connect with potential customers and clients.

Parler also offers an untapped mine of political-conscious individuals. If you run a social organization, you may find Parler an excellent fit for promoting your organization, recruiting people, and raising donations.

Parler is nowhere near Quora in terms of subscribers and growth; however, the company will most likely witness an enormous influence and boost once it can cross to mainstream media. The founders may be unable to secure Series A and Series B funding from affluent investors; however, with a well-strategized and well-executed crowdfunding plan, they may raise unholy amounts of money.

For marketers, if you have not already started tapping into Parler, you are missing a goldmine.

I think the essential feature of Parler is that, more than ever, people want to hear what you have to say—and they do not like filtered comments. It’s exciting—and marketing strategists are already linking their Parler accounts to other social media accounts.

If you have good traction on Twitter and Quora, Parler should come easy. As for paid adverts, it’s still a new community, but you can leverage other social media platforms to enhance growth and sell inventories.

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