Have Social Media Algorithms Changed? What You Need to Go Viral in 2021

Have Social Media Algorithms Changed? What You Need to Go Viral in 2021

If you use social media for personal use or business, then you’ve probably heard about the word ‘algorithms’ before. If not, algorithms are the calculations on social media platforms which determine which posts should appear to who, as well as which posts should appear on top. They also help with searches and make sure that everything is well arranged.

Algorithms on all social media platforms are similar, but with some few differences. Before I delve into that, let’s talk about how social media algorithms have changed over the years.

History of Social Media Algorithms

When social media first started, it was a different place that it is now. Many of the social media platforms then used a method called the reverse chronological order to arrange the posts. What this means is that the recently posted messages appeared on top and the later ones were below.

Of course, this made marketing easy to do since businesses could just post throughout the day and have their posts appear to many people. But for individuals, especially those who had many followers, it was a hassle. If they weren’t online when it was shared, an important post could get buried.

So social media platforms with Facebook at the forefront started experimenting with ways in which the posts people can see will be relevant to them. The culmination of those experiments is what makes up social media algorithms today.

What You Need to Go Viral Today

The algorithms are pretty easy to understand. In fact, if you know the way they work, then getting past them and having a lot of followers will be very easy to do.

Create Good Content

To get more followers, you need to first get their attention. There’s no better way to get anyone’s attention on social than through good content. Content can be written or in video form. As for written content, you can explore the use of memes or tell them facts about your business that will interest them.

This may be a slow process, but once you capture their interest or set yourself aside as an industry expert, they’ll keep coming back for more, and before you know it, you have more followers.

Have Engagements

In 2021, one of the greatest ways to get your posts to rank on Instagram is to create engagements. This means like posts, comment under posts and repost. This will help Instagram determine the kind of posts you should see.

Under your own posts, you should reply to your comments. Not only will it make your posts rank on Instagram, other users can make reference to it. It may also convince them that you’re approachable and very likely easy to do business with.

Use the Ad Option

If you’re running a business, the fastest and easiest way to get more likes and followers for your page is to create an ad. Both Instagram and Facebook have this function.

It allows you to bring you business close to your potential clients. All you need to do is to create a good ad and voila, you’re good to go.

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