How to Stay on Top of Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

How to Stay on Top of Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

As an entrepreneur whose success is influenced mainly by direct response marketing, I am often asked about digital marketing trends. Digital marketing can be fun—if you understand the principles and you make money. It can become a nightmare if you consistently invest money in product exposure yet do not get a value worth of your investments.

When I say, ‘Marketing is the core center of any business,’ people often ask how. Do you mean that once I get marketing right, I will be successful as an entrepreneur? Are there no other vital parts of the business? Can it be only marketing?

Get into the field

Marketing puts you in the field. The elements of a successful business include the product, the consumers, and the market. When you put these elements within the frame of supply and demand interaction, you will have enough clarity to make informed decisions about your product.

A practical analysis: An author wanted to launch a relationship guide. My team helped with the survey and market research. We looked into his blog and social media accounts, and we found out that 33% of the people in his audience were middle-age Caucasian males.

That information alone set the tone of the book. He understood immediately that his book’s theme should center around the issues facing Caucasian males in their middle age. Research and market analysis are parts of marketing. A successful marketing campaign answers the question: ‘What do people want?

Digital Marketing isn’t Too Far-Fetched from On-Ground Marketing

The only difference is that one happens online while the other happens on-ground. However, both work on human emotion.

According to Social Media Today, ‘People buy emotions, not things.’ People buy objects or services that will remove a certain pain point. People do not buy Television, cars, houses, or food; people buy the music and movies the television offers, the ease of movement or luxury the car offers, the shelter the house offers, and the satisfaction and delicious taste of the food.

Mobile Phones are the Big Trend

Mobile phones are important to Millenials. The Global Pandemic has also fuelled a need to stay mobile. People pay for services online with their mobile phones; they pay with their mobile phones. Of course, screen time with the personal computer is still a trend; however, mobile phones are a significant threat.

Way forward

Build your website to be thoughtfully interactive both on mobile phones and on the computer. According to eCommerce statistics by Outer box, at least a third of online purchases during 2020’s holiday period came from mobile phones.

The figure will most likely stay consistent for most of 2021 as the economy recovers. All businesses must make their websites responsive on mobile phones to ease access and payment options.

Marketing is Personal

Why do people love brands like Nike and Pepsi? These brands are as personal as they can be.

If gargantuan brands can keep a personal touch with their audience, why can’t you? Direct Response Marketing, DRM, gears towards personalized services.

Emails are great, but why don’t you allow your consumers to reach you on Whatsapp too? Buying from your store is excellent, but you can do more.

You can improve on your customer service support. Make your digital strategy as personal as possible. Be reachable, dependable, and honest.

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