Stay Ahead Of The Curve With These Must-Know Marketing Tips For 2021

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With These Must-Know Marketing Tips For 2021

The marketing industry is a different world on its own. Daily, new grounds are broken and better ways of doing things emerge. This is why as a player in the industry, you must always yearn for valuable information that will keep you ahead.

Though there might be ways to get different information, none is as valuable as that which comes from an experienced industry player. Today, I am going to share with you the things you should do to always stay ahead of the curve in the marketing industry.

Make customer retention your thing.

You might have heard a million times that customer retention is vital in marketing. Well, it is more important at a time like this. From how I see it, 2020 dealt a near-fatal blow on everyone. The consequence of this is many trying to survive and find a bearing. With this state of things, it becomes harder to get new customers than it is to retain old ones.

So, instead of pushing relentlessly to win new customers, try to shift focus on the customer data you already have. This way, you can strategize ways to retain them.

This, however, is not to say you should completely ignore getting new customers.

Sell on social

One hack I hold dear about marketing is employing social commerce to push your products to the right place and people. In 2021, social commerce will blow out a lot, and only those prepared will survive.

As a marketing organization, you must be ready to come on board with social commerce in 2021. This will renew great experiences for your clients when purchasing your products.

Build trust with your people

No one has ever played down on building trust. The problem is that many have done it wrong. I tell people that the best way to build trust is with your product. You don’t have to worry much about your clients if you give them what they need all the time.

In 2021, so many competitions will arise. To stand out, you have to build trust with your product and customers’ service. This, no doubt, will prove to keep you ahead of the curve in 2021.

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Optimize latest search improvements

One thing the pandemic opened our eyes to is the renewed ease of doing business online. Maintaining an active online presence is even more important for marketing companies if they want to stay relevant.

However, marketing companies must optimize the latest search improvements on their websites to stay ahead of the curve. This is to make the user experience worthwhile when shopping for products.

I will recommend that marketing companies optimize voice search and Google’s page experience update. They should also prepare for an end of 3rd party cookies and optimize local SEO.

With my experience, I believe doing all these will keep marketing companies ahead of the curve.

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Leverage micro-influencers

Like me, if you studied the terrain of marketing in 2020, you would have discovered the influence of micro-influencers. The good news is that this is not stopping anytime soon.

For marketing companies who are serious about getting ahead, they can leverage these micro-influencers. This will help them push their products ahead, particularly on social media.